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Vol 1.2, Fall 2017

Edited by

Joseph Carroll
University of Missouri, St. Louis

Mathias Clasen
Aarhus University

Emelie Jonsson
University of Gothenburg

Review Essays

Philosophy of Imagination: Imagination, the Junkyard of the Mind
Review by: Geoffrey Galt Harpham
The Evolution of Imagination by Asma, Stephen T.; The Creative Spark: How Imagination Made Humans Exceptional by Fuentes, Agustin; The Routledge Handbook of Philosophy of Imagination by Kind, Amy, ed.; Knowledge through Imagination by Kind, Amy, and Peter Kung, eds.

Evolutionary Aesthetics: Contemporary Evolutionary Aesthetics: The View from the Humanities (and Humanists)
Review by: Aaron Kozbelt
Conversations on Cognitive Cultural Studies: Literature, Language, and Aesthetics by Aldama, Frederick Luis, and Patrick Colm Hogan; The Aesthetics of Emotion: Up the Down Staircase of the Mind-Body by Cupchik, Gerald C.; Beauty and Sublimity: A Cognitive Aesthetics of Literature and the Arts by Hogan, Patrick Colm; The Seductions of Darwin: Art, Evolution, Neuroscience by Rampley, Matthew

Evolution and Language (1): Language, Experience, and Imagination: The Invention and Evolution of Language
Review by: Brian Boyd
The Instruction of Imagination: Language as a Social Communication Technology by Dor, Daniel

Evolution and Language (2): An Old Subject’s Great Escape from Recent Disciplinary Boundaries
Review by: James Drake
Language in Prehistory by Barnard, Alan; Language Evolution: The Windows Approach by Rudolph Botha


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