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Vol 1.1, Spring 2017

Edited by

Joseph Carroll
University of Missouri, St. Louis

Mathias Clasen
Aarhus University

Emelie Jonsson
University of Gothenburg

Symposium on Human Nature

A Cross-Disciplinary Survey of Beliefs about Human Nature, Culture, and Science (OPEN ACCESS)
Joseph Carroll, John A. Johnson, Catherine Salmon, Jens Kjeldgaard-Christiansen, Mathias Clasen, Emelie Jonsson

Review Essays

Neuroaesthetics: The State of the Domain in 2017
Review by: Aaron Kozbelt
The Aesthetic Brain: How We Evolved to Desire Beauty and Enjoy Art by Chatterjee, Anjan; Art, Aesthetics, and the Brain by Huston, Joseph P., Marcos Nadal, Francisco Mora, Luigi F. Agnati, and Camilo J. Cela-Conde, eds.; The Age of Insight: The Quest to Understand the Unconscious in Art, Mind, and Brain, from Vienna 1900 to the Present by Kandel, Eric R.; Reductionism in Art and Brain Science by Kandel, Eric R.; An Introduction to Neuroaesthetics: The Neuroscientific Approach to Aesthetic Experience, Artistic Creativity, and Arts Appreciation by Lauring, Jon O., ed.; Snakes, Sunrises, and Shakespeare by Orians, Gordon H.; Survival of the Beautiful: Art, Science, and Evolution by Rothenberg, David; Experiencing Art: In the Brain of the Beholder by Shimamura, Arthur P.; Aesthetic Science: Connecting Minds, Brains, and Experience by Shimamura, Arthur P., and Stephen E. Palmer, eds.; Feeling Beauty: The Neuroscience of Aesthetic Experience by Starr, G. Gabrielle

“It Just Must Be True”: Tomasello on Cognition and Morality
Review by: Geoffrey Galt Harpham
A Natural History of Human Thinking by Tomasello, Michael; A Natural History of Human Morality by Tomasello, Michael

Recent Critiques of Dual Inheritance Theory
Review by: Peter J. Richerson
Cultural Evolution: Conceptual Challenges by Lewens, Tim; How Traditions Live and Die by Morin, Olivier

Book Reviews

Antweiler, Christoph. 2016. Our Common Denominator: Human Universals Revisited.
Review by: Donald E. Brown

Beecher, Donald, 2016. Adapted Brains and Imaginary Worlds: Cognitive Science and the Literature of the Renaissance.
Review by: Michael A. Winkelman

Carroll, Sean B. 2016. The Serengeti Rules: The Quest to Discover How Life Works and Why It Matters.
Review by: Bernard Wood

Eibl, Karl. 2016. Evolution—Kognition—Dichtung: Zur Anthropologie der Literatur.
Review by: Dirk Vanderbeke

Gopnik, Alison. The Gardner and the Carpenter: What the New Science of Child Development Tells Us about the Relationship between Parents and Children.
Review by: David F. Bjorklund

Hallam, Susan, Ian Cross, and Michael Thaut, eds. 2016. The Oxford Handbook of Music Psychology.
Review by: Etsuko Hoshino

Harari, Yuval Noah. 2015. Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind.
Review by: Craig T. Palmer

Henrich, Joseph. 2015. The Secret of Our Success: How Culture Is Driving Human Evolution, Domesticating Our Species, and Making Us Smarter.
Review by: Peter Turchin

Johnson, Dominic. 2016. God Is Watching You: How the Fear of God Makes Us Human.
Review by: Candace S. Alcorta

Kaufman, Scott Barry, and Carolyn Gregoire. 2015. Wired to Create: Unraveling the Mysteries of the Creative Mind.
Review by: Brian Boyd

McConachie, Bruce. 2015. Evolution, Cognition, and Performance.
Review by: David Andrews

Parrish, Alex C. 2014. Adaptive Rhetoric: Evolution, Culture and the Art of Persuasion.
Review by: Bret A. Rappaport

Paul, Robert A. 2015. Mixed Messages: Cultural and Genetic Inheritance in the Constitution of Human Society.
Review by: Herbert Gintis

Ridley, Rosalind. 2016. Peter Pan and the Mind of J. M. Barrie: An Exploration of Cognition and Consciousness.
Review by: Roel M. Willems

Van Schaik, Carel, and Kai Michel. 2016. The Good Book of Human Nature: An Evolutionary Reading of the Bible.
Review by: Ellen Dissanayake

Tague, Gregory F. 2014. Making Mind: Moral Sense and Consciousness in Philosophy, Science, and Literature. & Tague, Gregory F. 2016. Evolution and Culture: Texts and Contexts.
Review by: Jeff P. Turpin


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